Captain Black left treasure for Year 1 to find. They had to work out clues to find where the treasure was hidden. Luckily, they were able to work out where the treasure was hidden and they were rewarded with a gold bar!! They had to sneak past other classes so they wouldn’t pinch our jewels and we even had to walk the plank! Captain Black even hid treasure in our classroom without us knowing. 



St Fagans

  Year 1 had a fantastic time in St Fagans! We explored houses from different decades and identified the differences between our houses now and their houses. Beti Bwt was so glad that we were there to help her wash her Grandma’s bloomers!! We used the old fashioned equipment to help with the washing and it made the bloomers sparkling clean. 




On Monday we had a fantastic animal experience with ZooLab. They came in to talk to us about unusual pets and how we look after them! Year 1 were very brave and touched or held all of the pets!! They were much braver than Miss Lamb.


Busy Bees

Last week we had the opportunity to visit the beehive on the school roof. Steve took us up to see the hive and the bees and told us all about the process of making honey. Miss Lamb dressed up in the protective suit to take close-up pictures of the beehive. We’re hoping to have some children’s suits soon so that we can all see them up close!! 


Roald Dahl Day 

We had lots of fun in Year 1 dressing up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. We coloured pictures of Roald Dahl characters, found out our Roald Dahl names, filled our own dream jars and invented our own chocolate bars!