A Party with the Woodland Animals

We have been busy making bunting and paper chains (using repeating patterns) in preparation for our party with the woodland animals. We decided on a popcorn party and estimated how much popcorn we would need and how much squash we could drink. We made a shopping list for Mrs Thomas and made a map showing the animals how to get to our classroom from the playground.

At the party we played hide and seek, where the animals hid and we had to look for them and musical statues. Then we had our party tea and thought about what our woodland friends would enjoy for their food! After food we listened to Hansel and Gretel, a woodland story we had decided that our friends would like.

We had a lovely day and our woodland friends did too!

Friday Awards – What a lot of certificates!

Year 1 had lots of certificates given out at Friday’s assembly.

The star of the week was GA. Well done G. A lovely haiku written independently. We will add a selection of our poems next week.

We also had a super group of spelling aces who had 10/10 in their spelling test. LD, GA, AA, BH, OBJ – can you do it again next week?

Then another  great Golden award group who have gained 400 house points this year, GA, IB, OBJ, RA, TG, LD, AM, RM, BH – well done to you all! Keep earning those house points.

We also had quite a few children who had scored the highest house points from their houses throughout the primary for the week.

Lastly we have one pupil who has achieved the Platinum award which is 500 house points. Wow! Well done LD.